The infrastructure facilities include:  

  1. Administrative Building with Meeting Hall
  2. Departments :- In Three Buildings

(G+1 Construction, One Floor allotted for each of One Department)

In each Department Physical Infrastructure includes:

  •    Two Labs for M.Sc. I and II
  •    One Research Lab
  •    One Instrumentation Lab
  •    Two Lecture Halls
  •    One Professor’s Cabin
  •    One Professor’s Lab
  •    One Associate Professor’s Lab
  •    One Assistant Professor’s Common Room
  •    One Girl’s Common Room
  •    One Boy’s Common Room
  •    One Staff Room
  •    One Store Room
  •    One Reading cum Departmental Library
  •    One Dark Room cum Photography Room

3. Library Building:-The institute has a separate spacious library building with adequate facilities.

4. Hostels:- 

One– Govt Institute Girls Hostel (Capacity 60, Occupancy one per room)

One– Minorities Girls Hostel (Capacity 100, Occupancy Three per room)

One– Govt Institute Boys Hostel (Capacity 30, Occupancy One per room)

The hostel buildings have entertainment hall, mess facility, dining hall and kitchen. A rector quarter is also available in the premises of girl’s hostel. The Minorities Girls Hostel has mess facility, dining hall and kitchen and separate computer room.

5. Director’s Bungalow: Residential accommodation of Director

6. Multipurpose Hall/Auditorium :-  The Multipurpose hall  with four hundred seat capacity in the Institute campus is being used  to  organize  Seminars / Conferences / Annual  Social Gathering / Science  Week celebrations  and other guest  lectures.  It is also used for in-door games such as badminton, table tennis, chess, carom etc.

7. Guest House

8. Quarters for Class IV Employees and

9. A wide Spread Play Ground

10. Botanical garden along with greenhouse and polyhouse facility