Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision :


The Institute of Science, Aurangabad will be the world class Science Institute, pursuing for academic and scientific excellence, catering to the needs of global community striving for its harmonious development by inculcating life long learning skills to serve for the socio-economic development having concern for ecology and social harmony.


  • To develop citizens with scientific temperament, moral and ethical values and multifaceted proactive personality by providing quality education.
  • Institute of Science will very soon opt for autonomy.
    Institute will evolve systems to provide quality education to suit local, regional,
    National needs and needs that will arise due to globalization.
    Institute will grow in multi directions with innovative approaches to serve community at large in front lines areas in this new millennium in the field of Science and Technology
  • The Institute will provide practical based training. to cater. the needs of the industries.
  • To develop and strengthen Industry-Institute participation directly in teaching, learning processes and financial aspects of the Institute.
  • To start the new departments that will suit our goals, mission and objectives.


  • To fulfil the backlog of higher education of the region in the emerging areas of science.
  • To cater higher education and training in front line areas of science, that will have strong vocation value and job potential.
  • To generate human resources, so as to fullfill the local needs of industrial growth.
  • To enable the students of Marathwada region to enter into national level competition in the field of Science and Technology.
  • To impart quality and value based education.
  • To help the students to discover and tap their fullest potential while becoming properly integrated personalities, who will emerge as responsible and productive citizens of India
  • To consciously gear all its academics activities to sustainable environmental practices encompassing land, water and its flora and fauna
  • To transfer the technology from laboratory to field.
  • To extend the expertise services to solve the local problems relating to agriculture and Industries.
    To propagate and to make awareness of science education.